South Africans, outraged by the drastic changes within our Government are set for nationwide protests against President Jacob Zuma today.

South African’s have been called to mobilize against the way the country has been run. Frustrations and anger are high after the cabinet reshuffle and it seems majority of South African’s are ready to stand up and request that the president either step aside or be removed as the leader of the country.

We do not promote our personal political affiliation on KBRadio, however we support unity and freedom of speech for all for the progress of South Africa. Multiple protests are taking place nationwide, as well as Berlin and London, as citizens unite to make a stand.

While the right of every South African to protest is enshrined in our constitution, remember to remain peaceful! The government has warned that it will not tolerate any form of violent protest this Friday, April 7th.

Are you marching or anywhere near a live protest? Send us your eyewitness accounts and pictures.